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Customer Testimonials for Madsen Motor Company Inc.

Sam & Ellen Harris - 2004 Toyota LandCruiser

Another job well done indeed! It's always a pleasure to work with Wayne and Craig Madsen. I have the highest confidence in their advice and guidance and frequently recommend them to friends and family.

Xander from Raleigh NC | May 17, 2014 - 2003 Mercedes-Benz E500

Having decided to buy a pre-owned Mercedes and never owning one before, I began researching online for what was available. After reading reviews from Edmunds, consumer reports, etc., all had excellent reviews for the '05 E series for dependability. I began looking exclusively for '05 E series sedans. I wondered where I would get it serviced, not wanting to have service done at an MB dealership. The most recommended independent service shop that deals exclusively with Mercedes here in Raleigh recommended Madsen Motors as the only place to buy a pre-owned Mercedes. I checked out Madsen's website, and did not find an '05 E series in my budget, but saw an '03 E500. Madsen also had a couple C230's at the time, so I changed my mind and settled on one of the C230's there as it had lower miles than the E500. The entire process was exactly how I would hope every car buying experience would be. Every person I spoke with there is professional, cordial and friendly, and I felt no pressure during the entire process. Craig and Wayne (the owners) were very helpful after I explained it would be my first Mercedes and answered many questions I had. They were patient, very knowledgeable about Mercedes, and spent as much time with me as they could, which set me at ease. After speaking with quite a few dealerships, I felt like Madsen actually knew as much history on each car on their lot as they could, and actually knew the previous owner of both cars I was looking at on their lot. This is very different from the other dealerships that simply wanted to sell whatever was on their lot and didn't know nearly as much history on their vehicles as Madsen did. I ended up buying the '03 E500 from Madsen, even after I had decided first an '05 E series, then the C230. I absolutely love my E500 and feel very confident in purchasing from Madsen. I wholeheartedly recommend this dealership to anyone. Rating from Xander Overall: 5 Customer Service: N/A Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: N/A Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5

JohnF from Atlanta, GA - Excellent Buying Experien - 2011 BMW 328i

After searching locally for several weeks, I finally found a low mileage, pre-owned BMW equipped exactly the way I wanted. Unfortunately, the car was in Cary, NC and I live in Atlanta. The concept of buying a used car from a from a dealer almost 400 miles away gave me a great deal of concern. However, after calling and speaking with Craig Madsen, I immediately got a good "vibe" from him. He was very forthright, low pressure and professional. I did as much checking as I could on the reputation of Madsen Motors and found nothing but positive reports about them. After calling back and talking to Wayne Madsen, the positive impressions continued. Wayne provided more info about the car and e-mailed additional photos of the car. He agreed to take a fully refundable deposit to hold the car until I could get up to Cary to personally inspect it. When I saw the car, it was exactly as Craig and Wayne had represented. It was in pristine, blemish free condition and looked, smelled and drove like a new car. I bought the car and drove it back to Atlanta the same day. It is somewhat surprising that after buying only new cars for the past 30 years, the best car buying experience I've yet had was from a used car dealer. Major dealers could learn a thing or two from the way the Madsens conduct their business and treat their customers. I would definitely buy from them again and recommend them highly.

Cynthia from Clayton - Above and beyond!!!! - 2007 Honda Odyssey

I have to say that Craig and Wayne Madsen have been absolutely wonderful to deal with. They responded to a wanted ad that I had listed as I was tired of going around looking at beat up vehicles at used car lots. The van they had for us was in wonderful condition and had everything that I was looking for and then some! They exceeded all expectations in every aspect of our Honda Odyssey purchase. They stood behind the vehicle that we bought and did not stop until we were completely satisfied and taken care of. I would recommend them to everyone!!!

Cathy in Cary - WONDERFUL CAR PURCHASING EXPERIENC - 2008 BMW 135i Convertible

When I found my "dream" car at Madsen Motors, they made the purchasing process so stress free and uncomplicated that I was so pleasantly surprised! The professionalism, knowledge of the vehicle, hassle free approach was so refreshing. I would highly recommend these folks!

Pierre from Aventura, FL- Outstanding overall expe - 2009 Infiniti G37 Convertible

Starting our shopping on the web and being from out-of-state, we needed a dependable supplier for a relatively specific car. Being a family owned and managed small business, one of the owners went out of its way to facilitate our purchase in more than one way. Rapid response to questions, honest appreciation of what they offer. Their credentials and years in business are true and they have the flair to find pre-owned gems and offer them at a fair price. "They walk the talk!" and can be proud of their success.

Andref, Cary, NC - 2007 Mercedes E350

Thank you. You all made having my car serviced very easy and pleasant. My experience with Madsen motor Company has been top notch.

Britney from Raleigh, NC - Great Service & Quality - 2011 Lexus RX350

Their used cars are in great condition and for the most part look as if they are brand new. Great customer service and atmosphere. The ONLY Used car dealership in the Triangle that I trust. My next car will hopefully be from here.

Rebecca & Kelly H. - 2008 BMW 335i

Another 5-Star DemandForce Review! These guys are extremely knowledgeable, provide excellent service , and are fair priced.

Troy of Cary - 2001 Mercedes CLK430

How do I like these guys Craig and Wayne? Let me count the ways! We have bought seven cars from these great guys, does that say enough? No I have no interest in the dealership and they do not pay me to say anything. Integrity and honesty cannot be bought,but you cannot find a better used car than what they represent. If you want a positive experience without pressure but real pleasure in finding a car, this is the place. I would go nowhere else!

Love My New (Used) Car! from Cary, NC - 2010 Lexus RX350

After searching for a particular model on cars.com, I discovered that a car that fit my criteria was nearby, at Madsen Motors. The day before I went to Madsen I had gone to a large dealership and was turned off by the whole experience. Madsen Motors was a refreshing change. I found a car in terrific shape (my mechanic was very impressed when I took it to him to check it out), got great service, and thought the price was very reasonable. Next time I need a car I'll skip the big dealers and go straight to Madsen Motors.

Cars.com Rating - Frank Olivito from Sanford NC - 2004/2011 Jaguar/Volvo XJ8/S80

I have bought 5 cars from Craig and Wayne Madsen over the past 15 years. I have learned that there is nothing to be concerned about when you buy a pre-owned car from this dealership. All cars are carefully gone over, repairs made and the result is a car that may be enjoyed for many years. Prices are fair, trade-ins are fair, and there is no hard sell from these fellows. This is an honorable and dependable dealership to deal with. I rarely buy new cars anymore; there is no point to buying new when you can buy a car that is as good as new for thousands less. I would recommend this dealership without reservation. Rating from Frank Olivito Overall: 5 Customer Service: 5 out of 5 Buying Process: 5 out of 5 Quality of Repair: 5 out of 5 Overall Facilities: 5 out of 5